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 Resale Kits:  $ 30.00

 Included in this kit is the following:

·        Purchase Contract

·        Contract Terms and Conditions

·        Finance agreement if purchased

 This kit does not include a deed or instructions on how to record a deed.  Deeds vary from State to State and how the buyer should hold title also varies by State.  We suggest you seek assistance in preparing a deed. 

 Those who have ordered Resa

le Kits have used Timeshare Escrow and Title to handle their deed preparation.  Their website is www.timeshareresaleclosings.com    


Rental Kits:  $ 20.00

 Included with this kit is the following:

·        Rental Agreement

·        Various letters for resort notification that unit was rented

·        Default letters to tenant

·        Rental Escrow Agreement, if selected

Timeshare Escrow and Title is the Timesharing Today preferred escrow agent.  Timeshare Escrow and Title has agreed to provide readers of Timesharing Today a discount for escrow services.  Timeshare Escrow and Title has reduced their $100.00 escrow fee to $49.95.  If you do not select it at the time of the contract, please call Timeshare Escrow and Title for the paperwork to be sent to you and mention you are a Timesharing Today subscriber.

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